Celery Seed Celery Seed (India)


Why India?

Celery is native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East—ancient Greeks and Romans used it as a flavoring. Today, celery continues to be a popular vegetable. Growing celery requires the right conditions and plenty of care as it has a low tolerance for heat, cold, or drought. doTERRA Celery Seed essential oil comes from an area of India where these conditions can be met and the plant can thrive.

Celery Seed

Celery Seed Apium graveolens

Sourced from the celery plant, Celery Seed essential oil improves digestion when taken internally.* It is soothing to the skin and adds to a comforting after-workout massage.

How does it work?

With an exceptionally long growing season, Celery is a biennial plant, which means it won’t flower until the second year. It is planted in early spring, then harvested in early summer of the following year.

To get celery seed oil, the celery is allowed to flower so it can produce seeds. Celery’s tiny white flowers are known for the way they create an umbrella shape on short stalks together, similar to the look of Queen Anne’s Lace.

When the seeds are ready to harvest, they become dry and turn a tan grey-brown color. They’re also susceptible to falling off the plant in a breeze. This means that the celery must be vigilantly monitored as the harvest time approaches so that they can be collected as soon as the plant is ready, before the seeds are lost to bad weather.

One thousand celery seeds only weigh approximately half of a gram. But a successful acre of celery can yield about 500 pounds of seeds if all goes well. The seeds are crushed, then steam distilled to collect the essential oil.



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