Clementine Clementine (Brazil)


2022 Sourcing Impact

Total Lives Impacted: 1,479

  • People Empowered via Sourcing Jobs: 275

  • Lives Supported by Sourcing Jobs: 908

  • Lives Impacted through Social Impact Projects: 571

Clementine Citrus clementina

Pungent, refreshing, and sweet, Clementine essential oil supplies a variety of benefits, including its cleansing properties. Clementine’s citrus scent can improve and uplift your mood.

Why Brazil?

The south of Brazil has the perfect climate for citrus growing. It is ideal for growing high quality citrus fruit, and consequently, producing some of the finest quality citrus essential oils.

How does it work?

The clementine is a natural hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange. In Brazil, clementines are mainly produced for the fresh fruit industry. Fruit that cannot be sold for the fresh fruit industry (usually because of blemishes or bruises) is instead used to produce juice and essential oil. This provides the farmers with an income for fruit that would have otherwise been waste. The essential oil is cold-pressed from the peel of the clementine.



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