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Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Pseudotsuga menziesii

Sourced from young trees in New Zealand, premium Douglas Fir oil has a refreshing, airy aroma and can cleanse the skin when used topically.

Why New Zealand?

Douglas Fir grows voraciously in New Zealand’s ecosystem, so much so the trees can overtake the land and crowd out native species of plants in the South Island. By harvesting and distilling new growth and young Douglas Fir trees from New Zealand, we are helping combat environmental harm from these trees while providing a sustainable, premium conifer essential oil.

How does it work?

The Douglas Fir is a tall, evergreen tree. They are commonly used as Christmas trees and native to North America. The essential oil is distilled from the needles and branches. We are one of the few companies that uses only the needles and small branches for our oil—which produce the most potent and effective quality Douglas Fir essential oil. Typically, other companies use the wood as well.

Although Douglas Fir grows natively throughout North America, it is an invasive species in New Zealand. The trees were introduced into New Zealand for the timber industry. Douglas Fir grows almost twenty times faster in New Zealand than in the US, consequently, they have overtaken parts of the land to the point that native plants are prevented from growing.

We are harvesting new growth and young Douglas Fir trees to help battle the negative environmental impact on New Zealand’s native plants and trees. By harvesting the trees when they are young—5 to 7 years old—it prevents the trees from getting to an age where they produce cones, which would exacerbate the problem further. Additionally, we work closely with the New Zealand government to collect and utilize needle biomass that would otherwise be left on the side of the mountains or burnt following commercial forest harvest for timber.

Ensuring Environmental Stewardship

By sourcing Douglas Fir from New Zealand, we are striving to protect and preserve the native ecosystem of New Zealand. Without our work, the “wilding” or young Douglas Fir trees would continue to take over land and/or chemicals would be used to remove them, which could also impact other species. Instead, through our partnering with New Zealand in their country’s environmental preservation efforts, this provides a beautiful essential oil from what otherwise might have been waste product.



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