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Spanish Sage

Spanish Sage Salvia lavandulifolia

Spanish Sage (Salvia lavandulifolia) is a small evergreen shrub that’s grown in the cool mountain air of Spain and France for centuries. Its refreshing aroma creates a stimulating atmosphere, and it supports a calm mind and sense of alertness when used internally.*

Why Spain?

Salvia lavandulifolia, or Spanish Sage, thrives in the cool air of its native southern Spain’s hills and mountains and similar regions along the Mediterranean.

Growing, Harvesting, and Distillation Process

Only about 5% of doTERRA Spanish Sage is wild harvested—most of it is grown and cultivated. The seedlings are planted about 2,000 feet (600 meters) above sea level in the hills and mountains in southern Spain. This perennial plant requires so little water that no irrigation is needed.

Each year’s harvest is in August but can continue through November if necessary. Due to the topography of the region, all harvesting is done manually using a hand sickle. A farmer will distill their Spanish Sage the same day he or she harvests it using a local still in their area. The plant material is steam distilled for approximately three to four hours to produce Spanish Sage essential oil.



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